About us

Shawn Crews has dedicated her entire adult life to Egyptian Arabian Horses. Remarkably, many of the horses you hear about today were actually under her care when she was just a youngster in the industry. With a keen eye for breeding decisions, Shawn has played a crucial role in producing some of the most successful straight Egyptian stallions of our time.

Having trained, shown, and judged horses worldwide, Shawn’s expertise and accomplishments are undeniable. In fact, in 2004, she was honored with the prestigious title of Female Halter Trainer of the Year. Her passion for horses is beyond compare — some even joke that she can instinctually “smell money” in a horse, making it hard to bet against her.

Shawn’s dedication extends beyond the horses themselves. She takes immense pleasure in assisting individuals in achieving their goals and dreams with horses. Whether it’s providing new breeders with the necessary tools for successful breeding or supporting young trainers in the industry, Shawn goes to great lengths to contribute to the growth and prosperity of others.

So, whether you’re an aspiring breeder, a passionate horse enthusiast, or someone seeking guidance in the equine world, Shawn and her team of experts are here to help turn your equestrian dreams into reality.

Where Passion
Meets Expertise

At Shawn Crews International, our team of experts is here to help turn your equestrian dreams into reality. Join us and experience the pure elegance and passion that sets us apart from the herd. Meet our team, consisting of owner and consultant, Shawn Crews, photographer and marketing expert Tara Maus, and dedicated farm hands James and Riyan. Together, we are committed to your success in the equine world.

Our Team

Shawn Crews

Owner & Consultant

Tara Maus

Photography & Marketing


Farm Hand


Farm Hand